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Benefits Management

Albuquerque and New Mexico employers seeking a solution to manage employee benefits and to provide a user-friendly portal for employees to sign-up and manage their company’s provided employee benefits now have the best answer possible. The days of multiple providers and multiple logins to access benefits and change elected deductions and number of dependents are gone.  The benefits management system offered by The Payroll Company, Infinity HR, gives employees and their employer a very effective platform that brings all employer benefits together. Now both you and your employees are able to login to a system that integrates payroll, management, benefits administration and the benefits associated partners and carriers all together.

Our online benefits capabilities make it convenient for employees to enroll in and manage their benefits and other HR related information in real time through the world wide web. This portal is part of the integrated system that connects employees, managers, administrators, carriers and payroll.

Employee Portal

  • Allows employees to:
    • Compare, analyze and check plan costs prior to benefits enrollment
    • View plans from different benefit providers, showing only the plans for which they are eligible
    • Assign dependents and beneficiaries to benefit plans
    • Submit benefit and HR-related data electronically to HR for approval and review
    • View the value of their compensation package with the Personalized Total Compensation Statements capability
  • Provides employees with a benefit summary statement after they enroll in or change their benefits
  • Gives employees access to pertinent company and benefits information
  • Connects employees, administrators, carriers and payroll through one central web-based system
  • Allows employers to easily approve and manage employee benefits and access powerful reporting capabilities
  • Benefits data is automatically exported to your carriers with state-of-the art security
  • Benefits deductions are automatically sent to payroll with easy premium reconciliation

Providing a web based benefits management system to employees that gives them a complete picture of benefits offered by the company and the ability to make a well informed decision when choosing insurance or when changing benefits is here today. The Payroll Company benefits management systems it offers gives both company employees and employers a powerful set of tools to manage benefits from both the worlds.  Employees are able to easily make an informed decision about the benefits choices they make and the benefits they are receiving, and employers are able to easily set up and manage the benefits they provide to employees.

Flexible Benefits Administration and COBRA


MPAY’s comprehensive solution reduces administrative costs while offering attractive benefits through a simplified management system.

  • Debit card integration helps increase plan participation and cut out-of-pocket expenses and coverage costs
  • Specialists review every adjudicated claim to ensure plan compliance
  • Section 125—Premium Only Plans (POPs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)—health and dependent care
  • COBRA notice distribution, collection and remittance of premium payments, rate and termination notices, HIPAA Certificates and more